Who We Are

About Us

Data Experts (Pvt.) Limited, alias datEx, is a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral consulting entity excelling in data capture, generation, management and application in planning, designing and top supervision of development interventions. The need for diversification and growing demands for one stop services led to the firm’s confident strides and capabilities in other arenas including transport and transportation analysis, environmental and social studies, monitoring and evaluation.

Genesis of datEx

To begin with, datEx started with data services. It was a transition time, in 2000, when there had been serious dearth of quality and quantity data. Yet needs and requirements for volumes of precision data were growing for national development, peaking logical and natural momentum under congenial environs for almost a decade together. Seeing the opportunity, datEx ventured forward to fill the gap. Data sustain all time utility in that, all the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation activities are dependent on data. Every entity needs data for assessment and informed decision thereof. Being an intimate and important partner in input supply of client entities, datEx learned and expanded its understanding of the problems facing the communities, the societies and the nation as a whole. Through processing, analyses, interpretation and application of data, it made inroads into the mainstream works, in small but steady steps while never shifting, let alone losing, its focus from capture and prompt delivery of precision data. datEx today, one and a half decades since turning of the new millennium, provides data as well as consulting services in a host of sectors and disciplines.

Our Competence

Having credible hold over data/INFO, we, through our experiences, knowledge and judgement, can locate, identify and quantify conditions, processes and resources for bringing about a desired positive change into our environs, as well as correct or at least minimize, a wrong. How?
01. Listening to You.
02. Reconnaissance & Site Investigations.
03. Data/INFO Collection & Processing.
04. Application of Experience, Knowledge and Skills.
05. Analysis, Assessment and Interpretation of Conditions and Events.
06. Options and Scenario Development.
07. Comparative Analysis.
08. Weighing Pros and Cons.
09. Returning to You and where necessary, to Stakeholders.
10. Converging towards (Informed) Consensus.
11. Final Delivery.