Our Equipment and Accessories

From the very onset,  datEx  has been procuring newer and newer accessories, equipment and machinery to be up to date with advances in data capturing and processing technology. Total Station (TS), Level Machine, Echo sounder, GPS, DGPS, RTK-GPS in addition to customary Computers, Laptops, Printers, Plotters and Scanners have been and continue to be integral part of automated life. Of late, it has acquired a complete set of RTK R7 Dual Frequency GPS  to update its arsenal. These, in coupling with Echo sounder, have been being used to gather data on Padma River Bed for monitoring permanent scour protection works in the Padma Multi-purpose Bridge Area. Our inventory of hardware:

List of Hardware Here

Our Experts and Professionals

We have a compact team of experts and professionals ready to serve. The strength can be complemented and supplemented to complete levels with outhouse experts and professionals whom datEx maintains excellent working relations with, who have equal competence and dedication, to be of utility and to add value to a project or an assignment.

  • Survey Experts and Specialists.
  • AutoCAD, GIS & RS Experts and Specialists
  • Engineers.
  • Planners.
  • Architects.
  • Simulation Modelers.
  • Transport Experts.
  • Environmentalists.
  • Economists.
  • Sociologists and Socio-economists.
  • Procurement Specialists.